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Orduzu Mah. Sanliyaka Yolu Sk. No: 4/1 Battalgazi 44170
Malatya / TURKIYE

From Our Family's Orchards in Malatya to Your Table

Our Process:
The Journey of a Dried Apricot

At Yildirim Apricot Orchards, we take immense pride in the journey our apricots undertake from the moment they bud on our trees, till they reach your table as delicious dried apricots.

Our process is a testament to three generations of expertise, meticulous care, and unwavering commitment to quality. Each stage, from nurturing our orchards to the precise art of drying, contributes to creating the world-class dried apricots we’re known for.

Here, we invite you to delve deeper into our process and see how we transform our sun-kissed apricots from Malatya into a delightful treat for the world. 

Unraveling the Journey of Our Exceptional Apricots

Discover the Craftsmanship Behind Nature's Delights

“ Discover the Craft Behind Each Dried Apricot ”

Diligently Nurturing Our Apricot Orchards
In the sun-kissed terrain of Malatya, Turkey, our journey begins with the nurturing of our apricot trees in our well-tended orchards. Drawing on three generations of expertise, we meticulously manage everything from soil health to pest control, ensuring our trees grow strong and healthy, and bear the best quality apricots.
Harvesting at the Peak of Ripeness
When the apricots reach their peak ripeness, a stage determined by careful monitoring of color, firmness and size, we hand-harvest each fruit. This manual picking process ensures the fruit's integrity, preventing bruising or damage, and ensures we capture the apricot's flavor at its most vibrant.
Thorough Cleaning and Inspection
The freshly harvested apricots are then subjected to a thorough cleaning process. They're washed under carefully controlled conditions to remove any residue, all the while preserving their natural qualities. After washing, each apricot is inspected to ensure only the highest quality fruit proceeds to the next stage.
Two-Stage Superior Drying Process
Our two-step drying process starts with a brief exposure to sulfur dioxide, a safe and commonly used procedure in fruit preservation. This initial step aids in maintaining their vibrant color and enhancing natural sweetness. Then, our apricots spread under the sun, gradually losing moisture while enriching their flavors.
Rigorous and Thorough Quality Assurance
Before packaging, each batch of our dried apricots undergoes rigorous quality assurance tests. We inspect for color, texture, and taste to ensure that every apricot aligns with our high standards. This meticulous process ensures that only the finest dried apricots carry the Apricot Access name and reach your table.
Packaging with Unmatched Precision
Following our thorough quality inspection, apricots are ready to be packaged. Each package, filled with our premium dried apricots, is sealed to maintain freshness before shipment. This process guarantees that the dried apricots you receive are as fresh and full of flavor as the day they were harvested.
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