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Malatya / TURKIYE

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The Legacy of Quality Apricots

In the fertile lands of Malatya, Turkey, resides the vital core of our operation – the expansive Yildirim Apricot Orchards. Spreading across ten thousand acres and sheltering over 100,000 apricot trees, these orchards embody our family’s long-standing tradition and unwavering dedication to producing superior quality dried apricots. 

Our connection with this land extends over 80 memorable years, each marked by the cyclical rhythm of nurturing, cultivating, and harvesting.

Every apricot tree symbolizes our meticulous commitment and devotion in this lush expanse. From seeds sown with precision and care for with aged manure to the masterful cultivation processes we’ve honed over the decades, our orchards tell a tale of passion. 

This passion is reflected in the golden bounty we reap each season – premium apricots that witness the harmonious blend of nature’s generosity and human dedication.

Nurturing Our Apricot Trees

A Holistic Approach to Nutrition and Fertilization

At Yildirim Orchards, we recognize that proper nutrition plays a pivotal role in the vitality and yield of our apricot trees. Although the impact of nutrition may not be immediately noticeable, it becomes evident when our trees experience a deficiency or an excess of specific nutrients. Being slow responders to fertilizers, our trees rely more on their nutrient reserves for new leaf, blossom, and fruit production than they do on freshly applied soil fertilizers.

When these reserves dip below critical levels, our trees’ health and productivity may take years to fully recover. To preempt this, we adopt leaf standards developed from high-yielding trees in Malatya. This approach ensures our trees receive optimal nutrient concentrations, thereby maintaining their robust health and prolific yield.

Our experience has shown us that it isn’t the timing of fertilizer applications that significantly affects our apricots’ yield or quality. Instead, the way these nutrients are delivered plays a far more crucial role. We prefer to enrich the soil, as opposed to using foliar sprays, as we believe this to be the most effective method for nourishing our apricot trees.

Optimal Fertilization for Superior Apricots

The fertilization strategy we use significantly influences the quality and quantity of our apricot yield. We pride ourselves on tailoring this strategy to our trees and soil’s needs, guided by comprehensive soil analyses. 

The timing of the fertilizer application is critical, with two-thirds of the nitrogen fertilizer applied 20 days before flowering and the rest a month before harvesting. All phosphorus and potash fertilizers, in contrast, are applied in early spring. This approach aligns with the apricot trees’ natural growth cycle, facilitating nutrient uptake during periods of active root growth.

This meticulous attention to nutrition and fertilization forms an essential part of our commitment to consistently produce top-quality apricots, embodying our enduring legacy of excellence.


Peak Growing Season Activities

A typical day in our orchards during the peak growing season involves diligent attention to each tree’s needs. Young orchards are regularly fertilized, irrigated, pruned, and sprayed to ensure optimal growth and protect them from diseases and pests.

Even details like controlling the growth of weeds and grasses within the leaf mulch are managed to provide the best environment for our apricot trees.

The Malatya Climate

Malatya’s climate plays a critical role in nurturing our superior apricots. Malatya’s unique blend of temperature, humidity, and precipitation creates the perfect environment for apricot cultivation. 

From the planting period to the flowering stage and through to the harvesting period, the climate conditions contribute significantly to the exquisite taste and quality of our apricots. 

Despite occasional yield fluctuations due to climate variations, we continuously adapt, using suitable apricot varieties and technical measures to reduce the impact of climate variables.

Types of Our Apricots

At Yildirim Orchards, we cater to a wide range of preferences with our extensive assortment of dried apricot sizes. Whether you prefer large, juicy apricots or smaller, bite-sized pieces, we have something to suit every palate. Each variety is grown with the same level of care and dedication, ensuring consistently superior quality across our range.

Our apricot orchards are more than just plots of land – they are living, breathing entities that embody our family’s legacy, expertise, and unwavering commitment to quality. We invite you to experience the unique, unforgettable flavor of our dried apricots, nurtured in the heart of Malatya, and join us in celebrating the art and science of apricot cultivation.

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